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The ‘injection’ refers to the passing of a dependency into the client that uses it. The browser then uses HTML parser to re-create document structure which is later presented to you on screen. Bundling and minification are two techniques you can use to improve request load time.

interview questions for .net mvc developer

This is useful in Ajax scenarios like client templates and data binding that need to post data back to the server. You must go through the following MVC interview questions and answers for experienced developers to nail interviews for senior MVC programmer positions.

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ASP.NET Core is the Open-Source version of Microsoft ASP.NET. You can develop and run your ASP.NET Core apps cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. It consists of modular components with minimal overhead, so you retain flexibility while constructing your solutions. Also, multiple versions of ASP.NET Core can exist side by side on the same server. Meaning one app can adopt the latest version, while other apps keep running on the version they were tested on. I am Digamber, a full-stack developer and fitness aficionado.

What is MVC scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a technique used by many MVC frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP and Node. JS etc., to generate code for basic CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations against your database effectively. Further you can edit or customize this auto generated code according to your need.

Obviously, an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer should be well versed with HTML and C#. They should have a thorough understanding of ASP.NET architecture, MVC coding concepts, and MS Sequel Server. You mvc programmer have to look for expertise in some of the significant areas required to develop the code robustly. Good luck with your MVC interview, and I hope you get out of it with the dream job in your hand.

🔹 8. Explain Sections is MVC?

This validation has occurred before the Web page is sent to the server. On the other hand, the application object is used to store the information and access variables from any page in the application. The session object is used to maintain the session of each user. A session id is generated if a user enters in the application and when the user leaves the application, the session id is automatically deleted. If a website provides content in many languages, it is known as a multilingual website.

  • A node that contains other nodes is called a parent node.
  • As a result, the scope of change is confined to the view.
  • The ASP.NET cross-plate form version is known as ASP.NET Core, which was delivered in 2016.
  • The «System.Object» is the base type that derives other types in the singly rooted object hierarchy.
  • Once the user enters email, and password and clicks on submit, then the action is passed in mvc_servlet where email and password are passed.
  • You will face performance problems and unless you already know this, it will be difficult to track down the reason.

Following are some selected Interview Questions regarding ASP.NET Core MVC technologies and development. Ajax implementation forms an integral part of MVC interview questions. Here are the following two approaches to implementing Ajax in MVC.

What is response caching in .NET Core?

MVC offers multiple view support to help in the display of various views of the same data at the same time as it is not possible to separate the model from the picture. It’s a design pattern and is used for developing loosely couple code.

What is the routing in MVC?

In MVC, routing is a process of mapping the browser request to the controller action and return response back. Each MVC application has default routing for the default HomeController. We can set custom routing for newly created controller. The RouteConfig.

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